Express yourself by making your very own Hand-Tufted Rug or by attending an Art Buffet

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Campaign Details

Campaign Details

Express your creativity with Studio An. Choose from a 4 hour Rug Tufting workshop or a 3 hour Art Buffet! 

About Studio An 

Studio An has an extensive supply of art materials, mediums and equipment for art experimentation and freedom of expression.

Create alone or collaborate with others, the choice is entirely up to you. We aim to build an open-minded community from all walks of life, and we strive to make art accessible and affordable for anyone and everyone.

Art can be anything you want it to be. Every piece created is an expression of you, and we live for that. No judgement, no teachers, no students, no bosses, and no telling you right from wrong (unless you’re about to injure yourself).

The Campaign

Here’s your chance to take a quick breather from your hectic daily life and enjoy something creative. Saw the trend on TikTok and IG of people making their own rugs? Well you’re in luck! Studio An is one of the most popular places in Singapore for Rug Tufting workshops and we are shortlisting influencers to enjoy a 4-hour Rug Tufting Workshop. 

For those who aren’t too ambitious with their creative sides, you can also opt to. enjoy our 3-hour Art Buffet. 

For more details on the activities, please see below: 

  1. Art Buffet:
  2. Rug Tufting Workshop:
    • Sponsorship is inclusive of wool and speckled yarns 

We’re open to having you come with a friend. (+1), however your friend will also need to complete the deliverables listed below. 

Audience Requirements

  • More than 5k followers.
  • 3% engagement rate or more.
  • The audience is mostly 18+ years old.
  • The audience is mainly from Singapore.


You may opt for either experience. Please note it down when applying to this campaign. 

  1. Art Buffet 
    • 1x Instagram feed post / TikTok (tag, @studioan on TikTok)
    • 1-2 Instagram Stories (tag
  2. Tufting Workshop 
    • 1x Instagram feed post / TikTok (tag on IG, @studioan on TikTok)
    • 4-5 Instagram Stories (tag, during workshop and after final product is received)


  • One-time sponsorship worth up to SGD230.

Additional Remarks

  • Posts should be posted within 7 days after experiencing the session or receiving your final product.
  • We retain the right to request for and use any assets created for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • We retain the right to repost your videos on our various social media pages or use them for future marketing campaigns.

Industry Categories

Languages Required