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There is a correlation between our mental and physical states to the condition of our vagina. Just like our gut, our vagina houses different strains of bacteria for it to avoid infection and stay balanced. For us women, our vaginal health directly dictates our mood and stamina.

Our intimate area deserves attention, along with our external beauty maintenance. As we collectively take conscious effort in boosting our health, what is needed is a treatment that addresses the uniqueness of the female anatomy.

We want to invite you to Snow Beauty, a new boutique beauty and wellness salon located at Bugis. We want to invite or sponsor you to try out our feminine health intimate care treatment; would you be interested?

The Snow Feminine Health Treatment covers vulva aseptic cleansing to address the common conditions affecting vaginal health without requiring surgical or hormonal intervention.

The liquid wash treatment process involves:

  • Thorough check of the female genital area; vulva, vagina and cervix; reflecting the state of your vagina health.
  • Cleansing the intimate area with a gentle, hypoallergenic liquid wash – pH water; can eliminate 99.75 percent of harmful bacteria.
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and then pat it gently with a soft towel to dry.

The benefits of the treatment are:

  • Improves vaginal lubricity
  • Improves vaginal elasticity
  • Regulates endocrine system
  • Improves sex life quality and increases the sensation of the intimate area
  • Lightens labia colour
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves gynaecological vaginal itching and odour
  • Labia rejuvenation for labia size reduction and pinkish hue
  • Improves vaginal dryness
  • Anti-ageing and rejuvenating
  • Improve urinary incontinence

The service takes 60 minutes, and you leave the door renewed and rejuvenated.


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Feedback would be most appreciated! We can work on a giveaway and a longer-term engagement if you like the service.

The exact address is Snow Beauty, 450 North Bridge Road, #02-01, Singapore 188732.

It’s the row at Bugis Cube, facing the road to the left, to the left walk down, pass Chan Brother’s sign, there’s a lift, but the lift is currently under maintenance, so open the door, go up, the first door is the beauty salon.

If you have questions, please feel free to drop us a message.

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