About “Draslaric Group”

Draslaric Holding Group Corporation

Our Retail Arm, Draslaric Group

Draslaric and our core subsidiaries offers a full suite of high-end metaphysical products and services to ease the diversity, providing the best metaphysical experiences, across 103 states in 6 countries.

All products and services enhances personal and corporate metaphysical traits through Fortune Telling, Feng Shui, Exorcisms, and even Enhancement Rituals.


Our Holding Group, Draslaric Holding

Draslaric Holding Group Corporation, also known as Draslaric Group as main retail arm, is a holding company established at Delaware, U.S.A., that self-acquires, funds, and angel invests on unique companies worldwide.

In order to align to our mission and vision, Draslaric Group had acquired a total of 70 metaphysical companies worldwide, together with 4 in-house international subsidiaries, Draslaric® (Brand), Foretellic™ (Brand), HODRATS, and 降龙玄, which offers all types of metaphysical products and services, providing a full and comprehensive array of metaphysical solutions.

In efforts on further development, Draslaric Holding is also investing on unique and disruptive Retail Tech, Engineering, Fintech, Biomedical and Bio Tech Industry.

All of Draslaric Holding’s subsidiaries and investments, except in-house subsidiaries, are and will be remained legally confidential due to fair competition, and eliminating conflict of interests.


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